Bionix 2.5 Modular Cam System

The smoothest draw

The Bionix 2.5 Modular Cam System is a revolutionary modular 2-track cam-to-cam design. This new design offers the same silky smooth draw, rock solid back wall and sweet valley that made our original cam design so popular. This innovative system incorporates a modular design element for adjustable draw lengths in half inch increments. Unlike many of the 2-track cam designs in the industry, with the new Bionix 2.5 Modular Cam System it is not necessary to remove the strings or cables to change the modules.

Whether you're a beginner, an expert, a hunter, a target shooter or somewhere in between, there's no denying that we have one of the smoothest drawing cam systems on the market. In the event of having to let the bow down there is no sudden jerk or strain on your back, neck or shoulder muscles, like some bows on the market today. It's almost as smooth to let the bow down as it is to draw it.

Check out our Technical Videos for instructions on how to install or change Bionix 2.5 cams, adjust your bow timing and more.

Bionix Cam Systems are licensed under US Patent #7,997,259.