New Breed Technology

Bionix 2.5 Modular Cam System

The Bionix 2.5 Modular Cam System is a revolutionary modular 2-track cam-to-cam design. This new design offers the same silky smooth draw, rock solid back wall and sweet valley that made our original cam design so popular.
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Split Limb Design

New Breed offers a proprietary split limb design on most of our bow models. Every set of limbs is perfectly matched to assure the highest quality result.
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Custom Strings & Cables

All New Breed bows are fitted with handcrafted custom bowstrings and cables. A high-speed production line is no match for the precise results afforded in a handcrafted bowstring.
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Standard Features

The following features come standard on every bow model:

• Titanium Bolt Kit
• Fluted Riser
• Two-Piece Limb Pocket
• Speed Sleeve
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New Breed offers a wide range of bow colors to reflect your individual style and personality.
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