Warranty Information


Owner's Manual for All New Breed Bows - click to download (PDF - opens in new window)


*NOTICE WEARABLE ITEMS: cables, strings, axles, cam bearings, paint, film dip, anodized finishes or any other wearable items are not included in this warranty.


**NOTICE MISHANDLING, ALTERATION AND/OR MODIFICATION: mishandling, dry firing, alteration and/or modification to original product, or shooting arrows lighter than 5 grains per pound of draw weight or without the appropriate arrow shaft spine, etc., will deem the warranty void.


***NOTICE DENIAL OF WARRANTY: New Breed Outdoors reserves the right to deny warranty coverage where misuse is observed.


****NOTICE EVALUATION OF PARTS: New Breed reserves the right to evaluate all failed parts that are covered under this warranty before issuing replacement parts. It is recommended to visit an authorized dealer for handling your warranty issue, but our communications lines are always open if you would like to contact us at New Breed.


*****OWNERS MANUAL GUIDELINES: READ AND HEED ALL WARNINGS in the owner's manual. New Breed Outdoors cannot be held responsible for injuries suffered or caused by misuse, unsafe or improper arrow and bow combinations. New Breed Outdoors cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained when using an altered or modified New Breed bow.


OBTAINING WARRANTY SERVICE: To obtain warranty service, you should return your bow to the New Breed Authorized Dealer where you purchased your New Breed bow. The dealer can help to determine if New Breed factory service is required or if the dealer can complete the repair. If the bow must be returned to the factory, the bow owner is responsible for the freight charges to New Breed. New Breed, in turn, will pay for the same return freight of the repaired product if it is a warranty issue. Before any bow is returned, a Return Authorization number must be obtained through an Authorized New Breed Dealer. Bows returned to the factory without a Return Authorization number will be sent back. Do not send accessories with bow unless otherwise instructed. Write the Return Authorization number on the outside of the shipping box and send bow requiring factory service to: New Breed, 2980 Hawkins Lane, Fultondale, AL 35068. 888-363-3545


Limited Lifetime Warranty Card for New Breed Customers


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