Recurve Bow

A Game Changer for the Traditional Archery World

The New Breed RK1 Recurve Bow, Powered by Striker Bows

For the first time in our history, New Breed Archery has teamed up with Striker Bows to produce a co-designed, co-branded traditional bow, the RK1. This exciting partnership allows New Breed to offer a traditional bow to our lineup and gives Striker Bows the opportunity to add a fully machined, 16-inch aerospace grade aluminum riser with premium glass and bamboo core laminate limbs on a traditional bow to their line. This new riser allows for longer working limbs at an overall shorter length for speed and forgiveness. And with a stainless steel stabilizer insert, there is no fear of wear or stripping out the riser when installing bow fishing gear or a modern hunting stabilizer.

Normally only available on modern compound bows, the RK1 offers a modern torqueless grip that allows for an easier transition for the compound archer to move into traditional archery equipment. In addition, this now allows the traditional archer to experience the nail driving accuracy of a torque-free grip.

This 100 percent American-made recurve bow features an interchangeable 2-pin and bolt limb system between recurve and longbow limbs. Longbow limbs are available through Striker Bows. The bow can be shot off the shelf or have an elevated rest installed. In addition, the RK1 comes standard with a custom-made String Addictions Flemish twist string using Brownell bowstring materials.

For those who appreciate a traditional bow, the RK1 is sure to surpass all your expectations.

MSRP: $949.00

Made in the USA

Hunting Archery
3D Target Archery

RK1 Bow Specifications


Premium Glass & Bamboo Core Laminated Limbs


60 inches


Up to 200+ fps (8 grains per pound)


7½ - 8 inches


40, 45, 50, & 55 lb (28")


28 inches


2 pounds


Available as a right-or left-handed bow.


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