The Hit List

Brion, Grady, Andy and Chad The Hit List Official Bow of The Hit List

The HIT LIST is a reality based hunting show based around a set of hunters or "hit squads" that focus all their efforts on pin-pointing trophy deer by using the latest technology in outdoor innovation from Moultrie's Game Management Systems. Hunters survey each deer on their "list" from the time good plots go in to the time they release their arrow by using technology as the game's big brother.

With this kind of focus on the use of innovative technology, it’s no surprise that The Hit List squad selected their bows from New Breed Archery.

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Chad started his TV hunting career with Knight & Hale’s Ultimate Hunting in 2005 for five seasons and is a long standing member of Moultrie’s The Hit List. Hunting is truly in Chad’s blood. He enjoys all types of big game hunting and wing shooting, but whitetail deer are truly his passion. Chad has spent years studying and researching all aspects of whitetail deer, including preparing and planting food plots to studying behavior, movement patterns and product testing in the field.
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The New Breed Genetix has been a deadly secret weapon for me in shooting more than a 1,000 inches of horn in a single season.”




Andy has been a dominant player as a FLW Tour Pro for 16 years. This Tennessee native and FLW Champion thrives on competition, so when you mix a bit of rivalry with his favorite past time, then it’s game on. “I make my living adapting to the conditions I’m given,” he says. “If I have to move a stand at midnight, I’ll move it at midnight. This is more than just going hunting and picking a guitar at camp.”
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The New Breed Eclipse has been my favorite weapon of choice for a number of years. It just fits me like a glove.”




His birth certificate may read Gerald Swindle, his tournament shirt reads “G-Man, but to his friends and daughter Whitney, it’s just “G.” Gerald is best known for his day job: B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, Elite Series Pro and FLW Tour Pro. When asked why he fishes, Gerald has been known to quip, “So I have enough money to hunt! Seriously, it’s a passion.” He lands somewhere between Larry the Cable Guy and Chris Tucker and he talks about as much as he laughs, which is plenty. G was first in line when The Hit List began scouting for a host.
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The New Breed Lycan is the best bow for keeping yourself from being revealed to the animal—mobile, fast and deadly.”