Field Staff Program


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Field Staff Member for New Breed Archery. Our Field Staff Members are people who are trendsetters in the outdoor industry—those who find and use the highest performance outdoor gear on the market.

The purpose of the program is to provide you with the highest quality bow possible to withstand the demands and abuse from daily use.

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Program Eligibility:

New Breed Outdoors is always looking for quality individuals who are willing to serve as ambassadors of New Breed Archery and will (but not limited to):

          • Post field reports and promote the New Breed Archery website/blog

          • Help with the promotion of social media related to New Breed Archery

          • Help sell New Breed compound bows and products at promotional events in your area. This may
             include, but is not limited to, the following:

              ‐  Retail store grand openings
              ‐  Retail store promotional events
              ‐  Consumer shows
              ‐  Help in bringing on new dealers in your area
              ‐  Perform in-store New Breed Archery support, product training and troubleshooting in your area if
                 the New Breed Dealer is requesting assistance

You can access the online application by clicking "apply" at the bottom of this page.

Approval may take up to three weeks. Upon approval, you will receive an email confirming your acceptance. The email will contain Field Staff-only pricing that is to be kept confidential at all times. We will also provide a phone contact for you to order your bow. The pricing is to be used to purchase a bow for your personal use only. Buying a bow for family or friends is prohibited and will lead to a termination of your New Breed Field Staff status.

Sales are subject to inventory availability and program administrator's approval. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

This program is a private agreement between you and New Breed Archery. THIS IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. If New Breed is notified of illegal use of the discount or abuse of this program in any way, you will automatically be banned from the program indefinitely.

Once accepted to the program you will accept the responsibility to represent New Breed Archery in the field.

Promote and practice fair chase ethical hunting: We ask that all of our Field Staff Members do their part to make sure hunting is portrayed in a positive way. We ask you to be involved with conservation organizations, so that future generations can be afforded the same hunting opportunities that we have.

If you see an opportunity to promote the New Breed brand, please do so. If you need something from us in order to help you promote our brand, please let us know.

You are expected to use the bow for at least one calendar year from date of purchase.

You are expected to use the bow during all public events and/or seminars when the use of archery gear is applicable.

We ask you to complete an end-of-year Product Performance Review. This will only take a few moments of your time, but it provides us with a wealth of valuable information about how the product performed for you. We will provide the form on a yearly basis.

All warranty work must be handled directly through New Breed Archery. Do not take any item to a New Breed Dealer unless directed by New Breed headquarters first.

We look forward to having you become a member of the New Breed Nation!

Feel free to call or email with any questions and/or comments.


Thank you,
Kyle Null, Jr.
President, New Breed Archery